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SEO Solutions

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a long-term investment for your business’s digital assets. Without proper implementation of SEO on your website, it can hardly be found by your customer. We don’t want to bury our website in the land of nowhere in Google. Let’s be found with FiveDot’s SEO marketing service today!

SEO Agency in Malaysia

SEO Agency in Malaysia

FiveDot is a professional SEO agency in Malaysia. We have a strong team of SEO with experienced industry experts. We handled SEO project from a large corporation to small startups, serving not only Malaysian businesses but internationally. When we founded the company, we put SEO at the very core of our service. We emphasize a lot on the quality of SEO & work out something that the industry reluctant to offers – a holistic SEO approach. This approach involves more work & require a continuous commitment of time, efforts & ideas. We believe that SEO is not just a technical optimization service, but it is a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy is not just about making your code right, putting in keywords into text, and building a bunch of backlinks to your website. It’s a strategy that emphasizes your brand, prospect, customer, and other assets of your business!

SEO Marketing Service

99% of people will only click on the result on the first page of Google, and you want your website to be on this page as well! What’s more surprising? There are more than 1.5 billion websites available on the web as of January 2019. We are only talking about a website that can be accessed by the public (not include deep web). So, how can you actually be found among the ‘sea of websites’? How can you stand out of the competition? How can your site rank on the 1st page of Google among all your competitors from all around the world? That’s what FiveDot’s SEO Marketing Service does. We help businesses to get found with their website on Google. With the right targeting & marketing approach, you will be able to reach the correct audience. Bringing in quality traffic & presence your product or services to these prospects.

SEO Marketing Service
Holistic SEO Management Service

Holistic SEO Management Service

SEO is not just a technical operation that involves codes. It’s should be tied very closely to the company’s brand & customers. Like we said, SEO is a branch of marketing, and it definitely not a set & forget approach. SEO itself is a holistic approach to digital marketing. Traditionally, SEO is just about ranking your website. The primary work involves only on stuffing keywords & building backlinks. But today, the digital landscape changed. Internet users want better stuff online & search engine like Google adapt to the changes. The search engine now favors a well-designed site with optimal user experience. A site that provides values to their users, offering quality & trusted information. A site that helps the user achieve its objective for surfing the web. We adopt a Holistic SEO Management Service to help business satisfy their user intend on their website.

Our SEO Optimization Service Scope

SEO services in Malaysia often don’t tell their client much about what they do for the project. We decide to take an extra mile to describe the details of each the SEO optimization service scope for our SEO solutions.


Preparing your project by understanding the company’s marketing objectives & requirement, & conducting an overall website audit to plan & prepare the deliverables of the project.


Website SEO Audit

Get a complete website SEO audit to identify areas to improvise according to Google’s guidelines in order to rank better.

Keyword Research

Gather information about your business & research for relevant keywords that drive traffic to your website.

Competition Analysis

Analyse the overall competitive landscape of the business in order to craft the SEO plan that compete effectively with rivals.


Content Analysis & Planning

Analyse the current content on the website & further develop a content strategy that engage with your website’s users.

Technical SEO Audit

Conduct a full technical audit on the website to seek for problematic code that didn’t follow the best practices.

Mobile Usability Check

Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly & displaying accurately by responding to different sizes of devices.

On-Page SEO

Carefully analyze & looks into every little aspect on each page & implement the best SEO practices to optimize the overall customer journey in accordance with the targeted keyword.


Crawlability Optimization

Analyse the website’s code & make sure that it can be accessed effectively & efficiently by search engine’s robots.

Search Engine Submissions

Submit your website to Google to make sure that your website is available in the index in order to be shown on the search results.

Website Structure Optimization

Optimize the website’s overall structure to ensure easy navigation for the website’s users & search engine’s bot.

Webpage Optimization

Carefully work on every webpage on the website & optimize them to the best practices & improve the quality of each page.

Internal Link Optimization

Connect your webpages effectively across the website to enhance users experience & navigation on the website.

Image Optimization

Optimize images on the website by included alternative information for search engine & optimize the file types & size for the web.

Technical SEO

Implementing & optimizing the technical aspects of your website to fulfill the best practices expected by the search engine & enhancing user experience. 

Functionality & Usability

Optimize your website functionality & usability by fixing any error that users may encounter with to improve user experience.


Robots.txt & XML Sitemap

Creating or optimizing the Robots.txt & XML Sitemap file according to the guideline, providing accurate info to search engines.


Canonicalization & Redirect

Set up proper code that direct website users & search engine to the correct webpages without experiencing errors.

Speed Optimization

Optimize the website’s loading speed without affecting the design & layout of the site to enhance user experience on the website.

Security Hardening

Enhance the overall security of the website to prevent malware & hackers to access sensitive information.

Schema Markup Implementation

Implement or optimize schema markup of the website to allow the search engine to better understand the context of the site.

Content Optimization

Analyzing the overall industry & competitor’s content strategy &  craft the most attractive content that will help generate quality traffic & sales in aligning with user interests.


Content Development

Develop quality content on the website in accordance with the keyword to engage with users & rank better on search engine.


Content Promotion

Promote the content on the website across different digital assets & platform to reach more potential customer & drive traffic.

Onsite Blog Setup

Setup a blog on the website to update news & blog posts in order to engage with users & help enhance business trustworthiness.

Off-Page SEO

Promote your content & resources on the website on the web & helping your business to gain more reputable citation and hence improving the website authority in the eye of search engine.


Initial Backlink Analysis

Analysing backlinks to understand the ability of the website to rank by comparing with competitors’ backlinks & identify toxic links.

Link Profile Optimization

Remove toxic backlinks & further develop quality & relevant backlinks to the website to increase the website’s authority & popularity.

Guest Blog Outreach

Reaching out to blogger & building blogger relationship to work on promoting the content & brand of the business to their audience.

Digital Assets Optimization

Website is not the only digital assets that you need to take care of. There are other platforms that you want the information to be well-maintained & accurate.

Social Media Optimization

Get the company’s social media update to make sure that business information is up-to-date & share your content on social media.

Google My Business

Update Google My Business with accurate information, allowing users to reach the business easily & improve local SEO Malaysia.

Other Digital Assets

Making sure that all the business information is accurate & consistent across the website, allowing better discovery & awareness.

Analysis & Reporting

SEO progress & data is tracked & recorded for evaluation. The data also allows a business to further analyze & complementing with other marketing strategies.

Google Analytics Installation

Connect the website with Google Analytics to better track the data & users activities on the website for further optimization.

Monthly Ranking Reports

Get monthly ranking report update on which keyword is performing better on search engine & sending traffic to the website

Custom Data Views

Summary of the real-time update on the overall website performance that helps business owners to analyse quickly.

SEO Service Plan

No one SEO project is identical to another, that’s why it’s hard for us to put a fixed price on every project. If you’re new to SEO & would like to try out the service, the trial plan would be best for you.

SEO Solutions - FiveDot

Want More Than Just SEO Solutions?

SEO marketing service itself might not be sufficient for some business. If you would like to have a complete digital marketing service for your marketing plan, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. No matter what’s the nature of your business, the size of your company, or the budget that you have for the overall digital marketing strategy, we will be able to cope & propose the campaign that achieves realistic goals for your business. Talk to our digital marketing experts today!

SEO Solutions - FiveDot
Quality SEO Service in Malaysia

Quality SEO Service in Malaysia

Everyone wants to claims that they’re providing the best SEO service in Malaysia. That’s a good spirit, though. But how many SEO agencies in Malaysia does uphold the quality? I can say not much. To be honest, we occasionally engage with other SEO agencies in Malaysia to help us to rank our website (not this one). Our first goal is to increase traffic since there’s no one know about the website at all. And secondly, sales (or other activities such as subscribe to the blog). Of course, SEO all start from ranking the website. Yes, they do rank our website on the first page of Google, with a less competitive long-tail keyword. That also makes sense since our website is new & usually not very well-built (we did that intentionally). Few of them did a really great job, they optimize our content, consult us on new content, creating a better user experience, and helping us to build the brand on the web. And that just a few of them. Other did not even consult with us after the first meeting & we only receive a ranking report on a monthly basis. Both of this scenario does help the website to rank on the first page of Google for the targeted keywords. But let’s guess which actually help us to achieve our marketing goals? After all, ranking on the first page doesn’t mean anything if we cannot get the desired traffic (the right one, not just random people). Not to say that we want awareness, intention, or conversion from the 1st SERP result. Next time if you rank on the first page of Google, head to Google Analytics to see if there’s any traffic generating from the organic keyword. At FiveDot, we don’t want to help you rank on the first page of Google, we want to help you to get quality traffic that interested in your product & service, and convert the sales from your website.

Small Business SEO Services

Small Business SEO Services

We understand that not every business can afford a full SEO marketing campaign. Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback on these marketing techniques, these small businesses & startups that don’t have the budget simply can’t afford any of them. Worst come to worst, they engaged with freelancers on the web that claims to be the pros & implemented black-hat SEO on their website (the unethical & shortcut way that Google hates). We have seen many of these & the company ended up to think that SEO is just another gimmick from digital marketing agencies. So, we decided to offers some tiny ala carte of small business SEO service for small business & startups to try out SEO or simply as a supplementary service to their DIY SEO campaign.

Add-On Services

Get these add-ons services as a supplementary for your own DIY SEO campaign. For entrepreneurs that haven’t tried SEO at all, you can contact us for a free website & business audit. We will then propose which is the first service you should go for as your mini SEO campaign.

Reputation Building

Help to get rid of a bad reputation on the web & improve your reputation on the web.

Starting from MYR 999


PR Outreach Services

Reach out to local or international media for maximum exposure.

Starting from MYR 499

Landing Page Optimization

Optimize your ads campaign landing page for better conversion.

Starting from MYR 299


Blog Management

Get your blog update on a regular basis to engage with your visitors.

Starting from MYR 199


Content Marketing

Design a content marketing strategy for a different stage of the customer journey.

Starting from MYR 999

Backlinks Building

Get quality & relevant backlinks to help increase your site visibility & authority.

Starting from MYR 499

Search Engine Optimization Consulting Services

Search Engine Optimization Consulting Services

SEO is never an overnight success. We are here ready to nurture your website & it’s SEO performance, just like a babysitter. We give our undivided attention to every aspect of your website, just like how we treated our website, with lots of love & passion! Get your Search Engine Optimization Consulting Services today!

Search Engine Optimization Consulting Services

Our SEO Approach

This approach ties strongly with our company’s core values. We believe that quality work can help to satisfy our customer. We continuously improve ourselves & adapt to the external changes to offer professional SEO services.


Professional & Collaboration

We see ourselves as the professional service provider who helps our client to succeed with digital marketing. We work closely with our clients & believe that our work can only achieve 80% of the success with all the skills & expertise we able to execute for the SEO campaign. The remaining 20% is the efforts of the collaboration throughout the project.


Trained & Certified

All our SEO specialist have been trained with the renowned academy for SEO practices. The essential for every SEO specialist is to pass Google’s test on Digital Marketing Transformation, Google Analytics, & Google My Business. Their skills will then with topped with the examination from other academies that focus on technical skills.


Ethical & Best Practices

If you get familiar with SEO a little, you might hear of the white-hat & black-hat approach (just like the security hacking practices). Black-hat SEO generally uses unethical or techniques that don’t recognize by the search engine to implement the SEO campaign. Our team treats this very seriously & never allow to involve in any unethical approach for SEO.


Not sure how FiveDot’s SEO service works? Check out the FAQ below to learn more. Please don’t hesitate to reach us if you need more information on the service.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it involves the work of optimization the website in order to rank better on the search engine. We will be optimizing more than 200 factors following Google search quality guideline. The objective is to improve the ranking & visibility of the website, directing traffic to the website & encourage website visitors to complete desired actions such as purchasing, sending an inquiry, or simply subscribing to the newsletter.

How can SEO management services improve my business's online presence?

SEO itself helps the business to rank their website higher up on the search engine, increasing the chances of users to see the website (and click on the website). With FiveDot’s Holistic SEO Management Service looks into wider areas, including social media, Google My Business, & other digital assets that can be leveraged by the business. We will work on these platforms to ensure consistency & accuracy of information to improve the business’s credibility.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup involves using code (microdata or semantic vocabulary) on the website to allow a search engine to better understand the information & context on the page. It’s a standardized format of structured data. This will allow the search engine to understand & display the result as a rich snippets format. You can read more about Schema Markup at Schema.org, which is founded by the collaboration among major search engines in the world.

What to do if my website is being banned by Google?

If your website is being penalized by Google, you should first understand the root cause. Before that, check that whether you received any notice from Google about the penalization, or found ‘Manual Actions’ required on your Google Search Console. If you really got banned, then you need to fix the problems as suggested by Google & request for a manual review to Google search quality team to uplifts the ban. Anyway, we can help with that as well. Just drop us a message!

Why you only talk about optimizing on Google but not other search engines?

That’s simply because Malaysian is a big fan of Google! In fact, more than 98% of search conducted in Malaysia is from Google! We got this data from StatCounter as of Aug 2019. In some cases that businesses might want to target the overseas market as part of their international expansion. We’re confident to help your website rank on other majors search engine such as Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, etc that being adopted by majorities in the specific geographical location.

Is the user experience an important factor in SEO?

Yes. In fact, this is one of the most important factors in SEO. This is simply because we can hardly control what people react to your website. User experience is about giving what your users what to see, feels, and use (such as functions on the website) to make them comfortable staying on your website. Google uses factors such as bounce rate, dwell time, click-through rate, etc. to measure user experience. A website with better user experience gets better ranking than another.

What is Local SEO Malaysia?

Local SEO is the branch of SEO that focused more on ranking the site on a specific geographical area, often a state or city, for example, ‘Pet Grooming Service in Kuala Lumpur’. Ranking on local SEO in Malaysia is a little tricky as Google uses your geographical data to shows the personalized result. This means that if you’re or near to the pet shop, the website is shown to you higher up on the SERPs, while another person might see the website ranks lower.

Do you adhere to search engines’ webmaster guidelines?

Of course! Our SEO specialists are well-trained and fully understand Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. In fact, that’s the first thing (also the last thing) they need to read when they start working as an SEO specialist with FiveDot. We want our client’s website to rank on search engine because their website is better than their competitors, providing information & content that their user wants to see. Check out our SEO approach to see how we do our work!

Is SEO useful for small businesses & startup?

Yes! SEO is one of the best options for small businesses & startup to go for in digital marketing. Small businesses don’t have a big brand or a large budget to compete, hence, they should be building a strong foundation through the website. Offering exceptional user experience with the content on their website as a means to bring their brand values out. SEO services might cost some upfront investment, but it will surely benefit & cost-effective in the long-run.

Do you offer a trial plan for website SEO services?

Yes. We offer a 3-months SEO Trial Plan for businesses that want to test how SEO works and whether it actually helps their business. SEO is a continuous process, therefore, we cannot provide any services that shorter than 3 months. It will not be feasible & will not be any to see any result. Google takes time to pick up changes & signals (factors) on the website, & continue to test out which ranking works best. That’s why everyone might see a slightly different SERPs!

SEO vs Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the marketing strategy of ads placed on a search engine such as Google, Bing, etc. For instances, buying ad space through Google AdWords is a strategy for SEM. On the other hand, SEO doesn’t involve any activities of ads placed on these search engines. Rather, it improves the website & information quality, so that the search engine will present the website (and its information) to the user who searches for it.

How to choose the right professional SEO services agency for my business?

Every professional SEO services agency wants to be the best in offering SEO services, however, there is some shady agency that tends to overpromise & adopt an unethical approach to manage your SEO. You will want to seek for a professional SEO services agency that has well-trained & experienced SEO specialist who also follow Google Webmaster Guideline. You will also want to seek for an SEO management company that really cares about growing your business. Read Google’s Guide on Choosing an SEO.

What is your philosophy of approaching SEO to deliver results?

FiveDot will always ensure a high-quality of works delivered to our clients. We might not guarantee any keywords ranking or traffic generated like the other SEO agency in Malaysia. But we work closely with our clients, providing advice to improve the website & business activities on the web, instead of just working on codes & contents. We treat our client’s business like ours. You can check out more details of our SEO approach as well as our company’s core values if you would like to learn more about us!

Do you accept any website for the SEO service?

We accept a wide range of website for our service, from the business of all sizes, e-commerce, government agencies, to personal website. However, we do not work with a business or any person that operates that website illegally and unethically. This includes selling illegal items in Malaysia or operate the business without license or proper certification relevant governmental agencies. FiveDot have the right to refuse any project that we deem the website activities are prohibited by the law.

Can every website be ranked high on Google?

Not all website is the same. A new website can take some time for Google to recognize the existence of the website & index them on its database. Then, the webmaster needs to works on content development to compete with the competitors in order to perform better than their counter partners. SEO is just like a competitive business environment. It’s not about how well you do your work, but you need to be better than your competitors in order to rank higher than them.

What is Google Search Quality?

Google search quality is a long document provided by Google which was initially meant for the evaluator, those who works in Google’s experiment on the quality of their search results that generated by the robots (human that analyze the result). The document offers a clear guideline of how a website (or webpage) is deemed to be ‘quality’ in the eye of Google bot. The document is regularly updated & we hope that you don’t need to read that boring doc. Anyway, here the link to it.

What is YMYL & how it affect my SEO campaign?

YMYL is short for ‘Your Money Your Life’. If you read the Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, you will know a little about this. Google categorizes any website related to future happiness, health, personal safety, financial stability, etc. as YMYL page. This includes legal, medical, e-commerce (or any website with the monetary transaction), insurance, banking & finance, news & media, etc. YMYL pages require a higher standard of quality to hereby commit.

What is E-A-T & how it affect my SEO campaign?

As we talked about the YMYL website needs a higher quality standard in order to rank on Google. These standards are mainly built around E-A-T, which stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. A YMYL website must establish a strong E-A-T, as Google wants their users to be protected & received only quality information whenever it comes to their life & money. So, if you have a financial website, we will need to optimize your website around E-A-T.

How do you charge the SEO service fees?

For SEO Trial Plan, you will need to pay the full amount upfront before the project begin. While for other SEO Plan, client’s can choose whether to pay the SEO service charges by 100% upfront (one-time payment) or to pay 50% upfront & balance 50% due in 3 months. Alternatively, some company prefers to split the payment (as installment) for 3 months. The payment terms are subject to total project fees. You can discuss with our Digital Project Specialist on payment terms.

Why some SEO service costs very high while some are ridiculously cheap?

SEO service costs a certain amount of -upfront payment as the works of SEO requires a long-term commitment. It’s not a set & forget it marketing. The terms ‘Optimization’ itself signified that we need to continue working on the project to make it ‘better’ than ever. These works are what makes SEO service charges for its fees. If you come across SEOs who claims to help you rank the website with ridiculously cheap fees, you should be beware what they do.

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