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EasyWP Care

Your website is your business assets. An online marketing channel that never rests. You want to make sure it works perfectly every time your customer visits. That’s what EasyWP Care does.

WordPress Maintenance

Keeping an eye on your website can sometimes be time-consuming and requires technical knowledge to do so. We want to help you to take care of your website so that you can take care of your business.

Secure Cloud Backup

Keeping your site safe & sound with low server load off-site cloud storage for 90 days retention. Support WordPress multisite.

Database Optimization

Keep your database clean & reduce the server load. Improving your site load time & system performance for a better experience.

WordPress Core Update

Keeping your WordPress up-to-date to prevent security compromise, fixing bugs, & improving website performance.

Plugins & Theme Update

Always making sure that all your WordPress theme & plugins are up-to-date to enjoy the new features & fixing bugs.


Performance Check

Run powerful performance scan with Google PageSpeed Insight & YSlow to identify factors that dragging your website.


Security Check

Web-based integrity monitoring & scanning to detect malware & get notified if your website or blacklisted on Google.


Uptime Monitor

Always keep an eye on how’s your website is working & get a notification when the downtime is confirmed.

Broken Link Monitor

Check all links on your website & get the list of an unresponsive & broken link to enhance your SEO authority & user experience.

Analytics & SEO Ranking

Get your keyword ranking update monthly & keep an eye on the ranking changes alongside with Google Analytics data.


Webmaster Service

Need a hand to get your content/image update or publishing blog post on your website? We got you covered.

Website Restoration

Having some problem with your WordPress? Don’t worry. We will help you restore your website from the secure cloud backup.

Monthly Maintenance Report

Get a quick gland of how your website performs & update performed with your monthly EasyWP Care Report Card.

Website Maintainance Service in Malaysia EasyWP Care

Website Maintenance Service

There’s a common misunderstanding of the website as a set it & forget it digital assets. Some business might not need to update their content regularly & having a static website for informative & branding purpose. However, the world of digital is changing so fast. New development & update is being launched every single day. Not updating your website not only unable your website to function properly. It also risks having your security compromised! That’s the last thing you want to happen to your website. Once your website is being blacklisted by Google or other search engines, the work to undo it is going to be a headache.

Website Maintainance Service in Malaysia EasyWP Care
Website Security Maintenance EasyWP Care

Rise of Cyber Security

It’s not uncommon to hear about the news of site being hacked. From government, national bank to corporate; all these seem to be powerful website has been compromised by the best hacker. We’re not talking about any hacker would be particularly interested to hack your small business website. These hackers use the bot to randomly crawl the site for their vulnerability & implant malware for their own gain. We have handled quite a number of a hacked site. The malware removal & recovery is not a proud story to brag about. Once you got blacklisted by Google, the impact on your SEO is going to be difficult to recover. That’s why we take security very serious for all our client’s website, and you should be too!

Website Performance Management EasyWP Care

Every Millisecond Matters

When comes to website loading speed, every second count. We want to make our site fancy & come with lots of interactive features that our visitors would love. But bear in mind that every single image, features, and code that you add into your website is going to increase the time it takes to loads. It’s always a tug of war among all these factors. Our job is to strike a balance among them. Offering an optimal user interactive experience while ensuring the website loads as quick as possible. If your website takes >4 sec to load, then it’s time to get your site speed up!

Website Performance Management EasyWP Care
Startup Small Business Website Maintainance Service

Solution For Small Business

Our customer bases are almost startup companies and small & medium enterprise (SMEs), just like us. We truly understand your challenges & needs.  Limited resources to take care of many business operations can stretch business owner & entrepreneur too much. That’s why we offer flexible pricing & package for different needs. For businesses that short of resources yet want to get their website update, harden security, and improve performance; we have some one-time service just for you.

EasyWP Care Plan

Choose the perfect plan for your business. Let us take care of your website while you focus on growing your business!

EasyWP Care Custom Website Maintenance Plan

Want More Features?

Didn’t see the perfect plan & features that you want over here? Don’t worry, just drop us a message & we can surely craft a personalized package that fit your business needs.

EasyWP Care Custom Website Maintenance Plan

Enjoy Free Features

Enjoy all these one-time setup features for free when you signed up for any EasyWP Care plan.

Basic Security Hardening

One-time setup of WordPress hardening including disable directory browsing, prevent cross-site contamination, etc.

Database Optimization

Get your database to optimize when you subscribe for any EasyWP Care plan to get the load off your server.

Basic Performance Optimization

Implementing caching and minify the code on your website whenever possible to enhance the overall speed.

Mobile Usability Test

We check your site mobile-friendliness and make sure everything can be load responsively on different screen size.

Site Crawlability Test

Stimulate the behaviour of Google bot & crawl your website to see how well it can be read by the search engine.

Basic SEO Setup

Setup the basic SEO setting for your website, if you have not done so. Check out our SEO Service for more powerful optimization.

Add-On Services

Whether you’re the business owner that loves to get your hand dirty by DIY or simply want additional service to power-up your website, we always have a solution for you. Enjoy a 20% discount for active EasyWP Care customer when you purchase additional services.

Basic Maintenance

WordPress Update

Get your all your WordPress core, plugins, & theme update at once. Free for EasyWP Care.

Starting from MYR 99

Webmaster Service

Get additional man hours to update the content on your website.

Starting from MYR 99

Blog Management

Get copywriting service & updating your blog to keep your visitor engaged.

Starting from MYR 199

Security Hardening

Basic Security Hardening

Harden your WordPress to reduce the risk of security compromise. Free for EasyWP Care.

Starting from MYR 99

Premium Security Hardening

Get premium security features to further enhance your website security.

Starting from MYR199

Malware Removal

Recover a hacked website & blacklisted by Google.

Starting from MYR 299

Performance Optimization

Database Optimization

Clean up the load on your database for better speed. Free for EasyWP Care.

Starting from MYR 99

Basic Speed Optimization

Get your website to load faster with effective speed optimization. Free for EasyWP Care.

Starting at MYR 199

Premium Speed Optimization

Premium features to skyrocket your website speed for the fastest loading speed.

Starting from MYR 499

Other Maintenance Services

CMS Migration

Migrate website from other content management system to WordPress.

Starting from MYR 299


Server/Domain Migration

Switch your server or domain to another service provider without hassle.

Starting at MYR 299

Managed Hosting

Transfer your hosting to us & let us manage your hosting for peace of mind.

Starting from MYR 499

Uncover The Power of EasyWP Care

Want to try our website maintenance service before subscribing? We’re offering a one-month free trial for EasyWP Care Startup Plan. Click the link below to get your one-month free trial of website maintenance today!

EasyWP Care Website Maintenance Services

Control Over Your Website

You don’t want to leave your valuable digital assets to be left to rust. Let’s take back the control and learn how is your website performing. EasyWP Care is going to help you monitor and maintain your website so that you can focus on your business grow. You don’t need to spend time to learn how to maintain your website technically. Let’s our website specialist handle all the hard work for you. You will get monthly website maintenance report on what has been updated, the performance, security, SEO, visitor analysis, uptime & more. Let’s get your website taken care of with EasyWP Care today!


Still, have some doubt on how the service work? Check out the FAQ below for more information. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support if you need more assistance.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance involves regular monitoring and optimizing your website for any issues while keeping the system up-to-date to ensure the best performance and security. It also includes updating content such as news, blog, or any on-going promotion on your website to better interact with your customer.

Why website need maintenance?

The digital world is changing very quickly. New updates might be launched every single day to accommodate the new technology, features, bug fixing and combating security vulnerability. Websites that don’t have regular maintenance have a higher risk of getting hacked and deteriorating the overall user experience on the website when having a slow website.

Who is EasyWP Care built for?

EasyWP Care is designed for businesses that want to keep their website well maintained without needing the technical know-how. It allows business owners & the team to focus on business development and grow while not having to worry about their website.

Can I do website maintenance changes myself?

Yes. We always encourage the website’s owner to conduct their own maintenance. However, the reality is that not everyone is well equipped with technical knowledge and time to handle this. That’s what EasyWP Care built for. We help you to take care of the technical work while you can focus on what’s important for your business. We further introduce one-time service for the website’s owner that only wants to get a specific area to be maintained or optimized.

Why add-on/one-time service doesn't have a fixed price?

We want to make it easier for business owners to subscribe to all service online at a fixed price. However, not every website is the same, so that each case is different. The complexity of the work might incur additional charges on the add-on services. If you’re having a small website with less than 100 pages, you can expect the listed starting price to be the cost of a one-time service fee.

How can I start with EasyWP Care service?

Just select the EasyWP Care plan that best fit your business’s needs & signed up for it. You’ll be led to a payment page to complete the information for monthly subscription fees.

Is there any setup fees for EasyWP Care?

No. We do not charge any setup fees for EasyWP Care Plan. Additionally, you will enjoy all the free one-time setup features for no cost at all!

Do you offer any free trial for your EasyWP Care service?

Yes! We do offer a one-month free trial for EasyWP Care Startup plan. You can enjoy all the features listed under the plan. However, the one-time setup features will not be covered in the free trial. Check out the EasyWP Care Free Trial.

Can I have multiple sites with a single EasyWP Care plan?

No. One EasyWP Care plan is meant for one website. If you have multiple websites that you wish to subscribe for the EasyWP Care service, you can get a quote from us for a discounted price.

What covered in your EasyWP Care website maintenance services?

EasyWP Care service covers several areas of website maintenance depending on the plan you subscribe for. In general, all EasyWP Care will include cloud backup, updates, performance monitoring, security check, & a monthly maintenance report. For SMEs & Enterprise plan will also include uptime monitoring, broken link monitoring, SEO keyword ranking update, Google Analytics data, webmaster service, and website restoration.

When do you start the website maintenance after subscribing to the plan?

Before we can begin any website maintenance work, you will need to provide us with login credential for your WordPress and hosting. Once the information is ready, you can expect us to start implementing the setup within 24 business hours.

Is there any plugin or theme that you cannot update?

Yes, there’re some plugins & themes that cannot be updated: (1) Depreciated plugins & theme that no longer received update from the developer & no longer compatible with other features on the website. (2) Premium plugins & themes that have ended its subscription. (3) Plugin & theme that downloaded from external source & cannot be updated within WordPress. We will try our best to assist in such situation, e.g. recommend new plugin & theme for your website, assist in the renewal of premium plugin, etc.

How long does it take for your setup to be completed?

Depending on the size of your website and how well is the website is currently performing. You usually expect the setup to be completed within 7 business days. Services that covered in your EasyWP Care plan will be implemented once we begin the setup.

What add-on services do you offer for my website?

We offer major website maintenance add-on services covering basic maintenance, security, performance, and other services. An active EasyWP Care customer can enjoy a 20% instant discount when signing up for add-on service.

Are there website maintenance changes you can't do?

Yes. We clearly understand our limitation when comes to website maintenance. We do not accept any request related to server-side maintenance or changes. Every hosting and server is unique and we have no control over the backend of the server. If you’re facing issues related to the server or hosting, you can seek support from your hosting provider. If need your hosting managed, please check out our Managed Hosting service.

How does the 20% discount works?

For customer who has an active EasyWP Care plan, you can enjoy 20% off for all add-on services. This 20% discount only applies to the active website that is under our maintenance. If you subscribe for EasyWP Care plan for www.domain1.com, the 20% discount for additional services can only be used for this website.

What is the billing cycle of the EasyWP Care plan?

The billing cycle starts from the date you subscribe to the service and the payment will be collected on roughly every 30 days. If you subscribe for any EasyWP Care plan on the July 31, the next payment will be collected on August 31, and the following on October 1. There’s no payment to be made in September as the payment collected between Aug & Oct is 30 days.

Is there a contract and how is payment handled?

EasyWP Care is a subscription-based service and there will be no contract that binds you for any period of time. The payment shall be automatically billed through PayPal or your card, depending on the payment method you selected when signed up for the service.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my website maintenance plan at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your EasyWP Care plan anytime to best fit your business needs. You can contact our customer support before your billing cycle end. We will take 3-5 business days to process your application. If you have passed the billing cycle & complete the payment, we cannot offer a refund and the upgrade/downgrade will be activated on the next billing cycle.

Can I cancel the EasyWP Care plan?

Yes, you can cancel your EasyWP Care plan anytime when you don’t see the service fit your business need. Please contact our customer support before your billing cycle end. We will take 3-5 business days to process your cancellation. If you have passed the billing cycle & complete the payment, we cannot offer a refund and the plan will be cancelled at the end of the billing cycle.

Will unused hours in a month be carried to the next month?

Yes, the unused hour for webmaster service can be carried forward for the following month, based on your billing cycle. If you have 1-hour during May that not been used, it will be carried forward to June. However, if the 1-hour service is not fully utilized during June, the unused hour for May will not be carried forward to July. If you engage for 1-hour service in June, we will first utilize the hour from May & the unused 1-hour during June can be carried forward to July.

What is a webmaster service?

Webmaster service involves maintaining and updating content on your website. The content can be in the form of text, image, video, or any multimedia which are allowed to be uploaded to the WordPress site. The service, however, doesn’t include content copywriting or multimedia creation. If you need your content to be written, you can check out the Blog Management add-on.

What if the service required is not listed under your website maintenance or add-on list?

We try to cover as much service as possible. If you don’t see the service you looking for at our website, please contact us for more information.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, & American Express credit/debit card for the payment. The payment is powered by the secured PayPal payment system to ensure that all transaction is easy & safe.

What information do you need?

We will need the login credentials for your WordPress and hosting to perform the service. You will be provided with a form to fill up with all the information required once the payment is completed.

Is my data safe?

Yes. All your personal data & information is transferred through SSL encryption to prevent eavesdropping or data loss during the transmission. We take your personal data very seriously. For more information on how we handle your personal data & information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

How long does it take to edit the content under webmaster service?

If all the information is provided completely at once, you can expect your content to be edited updated within 2 business days.

Will proper website maintenance help SEO ranking?

Yes. A well-maintained website can improve SEO. Search engines analyze your website’s speed, user experience, security, content freshness, and many other factors to determine your SERPs ranking. A well-maintained website will help you to get better ranking when you have these factors taken care of. If you want more powerful SEO solution, please check out our SEO Service.

Will you accept an old website?

Depending on the age of the website. If your website is too old (e.g. more than 5 years) and it stops working for you, then we don’t see it fit to maintain. An old website usually cannot comply with the current technology, hence unable to offer a great user experience. If you have an old website that no longer meets your business need, we would strongly recommend you to get your website redesign with the current technology & features. Please check out our Website Design & Development service for more information.

What CMS do you accept?

Currently, we only accept WordPress for all website maintenance service. WordPress is arguably the best content management system (CMS) in the world that offers extensive features and functions. It also the easiest CMS to be used by non-technical people with the flexibility to implement changes. WordPress covers about 60% of all website that hosted on CMS. If you would like to move your website to WordPress, please check out the CMS Migration service.

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