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Your website is your business asset. An online marketing channel that never rests. You want to make sure it works perfectly every time your customer visits. That’s what EasyWP Care does.


WordPress Maintenance

Keeping an eye on your website can sometimes be time-consuming and requires technical knowledge to do so. We want to help you to take care of your website so that you can take care of your business.

Secure Cloud Backup

Keeping your site safe & sound with low server load off-site cloud storage for 90 days retention. Support WordPress multisite.

Database Optimization

Keep your database clean & reduce the server load. Improving your site load time & system performance for a better experience.

WordPress Core Update

Keeping your WordPress up-to-date to prevent security compromise, fixing bugs, & improving website performance.

Plugins & Theme Update

Always making sure that all your WordPress theme & plugins are up-to-date to enjoy the new features & fixing bugs.


Performance Check

Run powerful performance scan with Google PageSpeed Insight & YSlow to identify factors that dragging your website.



Security Check

Web-based integrity monitoring & scanning to detect malware & get notified if your website or blacklisted on Google.


Uptime Monitor

Always keep an eye on how’s your website is working & get a notification when the downtime is confirmed.

Broken Link Monitor

Check all links on your website & get the list of an unresponsive & broken link to enhance your SEO authority & user experience.

Analytics & SEO Ranking

Get your keyword ranking update monthly & keep an eye on the ranking changes alongside with Google Analytics data.


Webmaster Service

Need a hand to get your content/image update or publishing blog post on your website? We got you covered.

Website Restoration

Having some problem with your WordPress? Don’t worry. We will help you restore your website from the secure cloud backup.

Monthly Maintenance Report

Get a quick gland of how your website performs & update performed with your monthly EasyWP Care Report Card.

Website Maintenance Service

There’s a common misunderstanding of the website as a set it & forget it digital asset. Some business might not need to update their content regularly & having a static website for informative & branding purpose. However, the world of digital is changing so fast. New development & update is being launched every single day. Not updating your website not only makes it unable for your website to function properly. It also risks having your security compromised! 

Website Maintainance Service in Malaysia EasyWP Care
Website Security Maintenance EasyWP Care

Rise of Cyber Security

It’s not uncommon to hear about the news of sites being hacked. From government, national bank to corporate; all these seem to be powerful websites have been compromised by the best hackers. We’re not talking about any hacker that would be particularly interested to hack your website. These hackers use bots to randomly crawl sites for their vulnerability & implant malware for their own gain. We have handled quite a number of a hacked site. The malware removal & recovery is not a proud story to brag about. That’s why we take security very seriously for all our websites, and you should too!

Every Millisecond Matters

When it comes to website loading speed, every second counts. We want to make our site fancy & come with lots of interactive features that our visitors would love. But bear in mind that every single image, features, and code that you add into your website is going to increase the time it takes to loads. It’s always a tug of war among all these factors. Our job is to strike a balance among them. Offering an optimal user interactive experience while ensuring the website loads as quick as possible. If your website takes >4 sec to load, then it’s time to get your site speed up!

Website Performance Management EasyWP Care
Startup Small Business Website Maintenance Service

Solution For Small Businesses

Our customer bases are almost startup companies and small & medium enterprise (SMEs), just like us. We truly understand your challenges & needs. Limited resources to take care of many business operations can stretch business owner & entrepreneurs too much. That’s why we offer flexible pricing & package for different needs. For businesses that are short of resources yet want to get their website update, harden security, and improve performance; we have some one-time service just for you.

Control Over Your Website

You don’t want to leave your valuable digital assets to be left to rust. Let’s take back the control and learn how is your website performing. EasyWP Care is going to help you monitor and maintain your website so that you can focus on your business grow. You don’t need to spend time to learn how to maintain your website technically. Let our website specialist handle all the hard work for you. You will get monthly website maintenance report on what has been updated, the performance, security, SEO, visitor analysis, uptime & more. Let’s get your website taken care of with EasyWP Care today!

Not Sure What You Need?

Wasn’t sure which plan or what kind of website maintenance solution is best for your website & business? Drop us a message & our dedicated account manager will get back to you soon!

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