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With the right knowledge & skills, every business can benefit from digital marketing. Why don’t save the hassle & let us handle the optimization journey & you enjoy the lucrative result for your business? Get in touch with a trusted digital marketing services companies today!

What We Do

With almost a decade of experience in the industry, we know that the journey of digital marketing is a rough one. That’s why we are here to lead you through the journey so that you don’t have to experience the failure as we did, for a thousand times. With our comprehensive digital marketing strategy services, we can help your business to achieve a greater spectrum! If you would like to find out more, check out the individual digital marketing services packages below.

Online Marketing Service Malaysia - SEO Agency Malaysia

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the main key for your business to grow in this competitive digital landscape. We do not just help you to rank your website with targeted keywords, but helps to optimize the overall user experience on your website. User experience determines how your visitors or prospect engage with your brand, you want to make it right!  We work closely with our client to understand their needs & the message they want to deliver to their users. Then, crafting the experience that the business wants their users to experience with. Our team follows the best SEO practices diligently with combining the other branding & marketing elements. With this holistic approach, we always deliver an effective digital marketing strategy with the expected results for the business.

Online Marketing Service Malaysia - SEO Agency Malaysia
Digital Marketing Services Malaysia - E-commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce performance management could be a headache for small business to consistently keep up with the updates these platforms introduced frequently. From product posting, inquiry management, to account optimization, we got you all covered. Whether you’re selling your product globally on Alibaba.com or Lazada, or simply targeting local market with Shoppe, our dedicated team can handle all the hard work, while all you need to do is to deal with quality prospect & start selling your products. We’re experienced working with various e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, SiteGiant, Shopline & more. We can even develop your own e-commerce site using WooCommerce with WordPress if you want more control & customization over your site. If you weren’t sure which e-commerce solutions & platform work best for your business, contact our experts for a free consultation!

Digital Marketing Services Packages - Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

A website is an essential element of digital marketing. It’s the core of all online activities. A well-designed website is the one that catches your customer’s attention and providing sufficient information for them to carry out their activities on your website with a optimize user experience. Whether your user is there to learn more about your company & products or to send inquiry & placing orders, we can help them achieve what they intended to with your website. While you invest in your website, you want to make sure that you have total control of it. That’s what our website design built on. We adopt a user-friendly content management system with a front-end website builder to help business owners to easily make changes on their site with minimal technical skills. Contact us for more information on building a new website or revamping your old & out-dated website today!

Digital Marketing Services Packages - Web Design & Development
Digital Marketing Services Malaysia - Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance

Your business has a well-built website! That’s great! Did you take care of your website well? That’s probably the parts that many businesses ignored. We understand that you might not have the time & skills to deal with your website while you need to grow your business. Hence, we’re offering EasyWP Care Website Maintenance services that help businesses to take care of their website! From system update, security scanning, performance monitoring, information updating, blog management to many more features… EasyWP Care got you covered! Don’t let your website neglected. It’s an important digital asset that you want to take care well of. Check out our EasyWP Care Website Maintenance package. Let us take care of your website so that you can focus on your business!

Digital Marketing Solutions - FiveDot

Professional Digital Marketing Services Malaysia

Despite being nearly a decade in the digital marketing industry, we couldn’t say that we are the experts in every field. This industry is simply moving too quickly. New technology & innovation is spawning every second. Continuously learning & improving our skills to keep up with the advancement is our core values. We strive to offer quality digital marketing services in Malaysia that can compete with international marketing agencies. We understand the needs & challenges of small & medium businesses in Malaysia that work within a limited budget for their marketing. Yet, they need to bring the best out of their business or product to the market. This is where FiveDot steps in. We consult business based on digital marketing solutions. We often don’t have a fixed package for businesses, simply because each business’s marketing objective is different from another. That’s never a Set A for objective A or Set B for objective B. We craft each digital marketing services packages based on the requirement & budget. Adopting the most effective digital marketing approach for our client. Occasionally, we work with an external branding agency to bring the best result possible for our client. Want to learn more about how digital marketing can help grow your business? Let’s grab a coffee together & discuss more!


We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

What makes us the experts in SEO, E-commerce, and another digital marketing field? Experience! These skills & knowledge doesn’t come naturally & some of them can hardly be acquired through college or tertiary education (or those courses that you have taken online). We learn it through a thousand times of trial & error – and this makes our skills & knowledge valuable.

To date, our team members have worked on more than a thousand projects, particularly in SEO, e-commerce management, and website design & development. We’re now offering a holistic digital marketing services packages to business owners that intended to digitalize their business. We have already taken the failure, so you don’t have to! Talk to our experts today & skip all the unnecessary trial & error!

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