Here’s How Social Media Influences the Digital Marketing Landscape

Here’s How Social Media Influences the Digital Marketing Landscape

Digital Marketing has become the norm among business owners and entrepreneurs because of how accessible the Internet is today. As the number of Internet users increase worldwide on a daily basis, Digital Marketing is the best and most convenient way to connect with people because people spend most of their time on the Internet running errands, using it for entertainment and to shop.

Digital Marketing refers to advertising that can be done through digital channels such as social media platforms, search engines, websites, emails and mobile applications. Using these digital channels, business owners and entrepreneurs market their goods, services and their brand to consumers who use these digital channels. Consumers heavily rely on these digital channels to research products that they are interested in. According to Statista, online shopping has increased by 20.5% on Amazon from 2019 to 2020. This statistic shows that the number of consumers that shop online are increasing rapidly and this shows that business owners and entrepreneurs can immensely benefit from digital marketing. Different digital channels are aimed at different demographics of consumers such as emails and websites are aimed towards consumers of older age whereas social media and mobile applications are aimed towards consumers of younger age.

Social Media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterests are digital channels that can be used by entrepreneurs and business owners to increase brand awareness, drive traffic into their businesses website, and generate leads for their business. There are multiple types of Digital Marketing through social media such as Native Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Influencer Marketing and Sponsored Content and more. All these different types of Digital Marketing are used on different social media platforms based on how and what is being advertised to the consumers.

One of the most used strategies of digital marketing through social media used by business owners and entrepreneurs is Influencer Marketing which is to endorse social media influencers to mention their products online to their dedicated social media followers. This is because of the number of social media influencers that are increasing day by day and the large number of followers that they have garnered. This method can also be called influencer marketing which is endorsing social. This is an easy way to reach a target audience as social media influencers are viewed as experts within their niche and their followers most likely have interests in the same niche as the influencers that they follow. Influencer Marketing works because of the high amounts of trust that social media followers have in the influencers that they follow and a good recommendation from them would be enough to convince them to try a new product, brand or service.

Other than Influencer Marketing, another common method used by business owners and entrepreneurs is to host virtual events. These virtual events could include giveaways, contests, online games and even virtual festivals. These events are organised by business owners and entrepreneurs because they are able to attract a large audience who have an interest in a product or services that are offered by business owners and entrepreneurs. Events like this will be able to create high traffic towards business owners and entrepreneurs websites or products as it creates a lot of buzz surrounding your business or products as people will share that event on their social media account which extends the reach of your event towards a wider demographic audience.

Pay Per Click Marketing is also a form of digital marketing through social media where business owners and entrepreneurs can place advertisements of their company and products online and will have to pay social media platforms such as Facebook for every time a consumer clicks on their advertisements. There are two types of PPC marketing, namely, Affiliate Marketing and Marketing Automation.

Affiliate Marketing is a performance based advertising where business owners and entrepreneurs pay commission to someone else for promoting their products and services and this includes video ads on YouTube and posting affiliate links from different social media accounts.

Marketing Automation is a system that allows you to set a time and date for you to post an advertisement on social media and other digital platforms. This system allows repetitive marketing actions to be done automatically rather than manually. Online PR is the practice of securing earned online coverage with digital publications, blogs and other websites. This includes engaging online reviews of your company and engaging comments on your company’s website and blog.

In conclusion, social media has had a large impact on social media because of how large of a following that social media has garnered over the last few years and as the percentage of social media users increase rapidly on a yearly basis. There are many ways for business owners and entrepreneurs to advertise their product, brand and services through social media and the results of digital marketing through social media have been nothing short of amazing compared to traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing: Trends That Will Stay Relevant in 2021

Digital Marketing: Trends That Will Stay Relevant in 2021

A year like no other, 2020 has taken a toll on marketing with the pandemic greatly shaping and affecting digital marketing trends moving into 2021. Nevertheless, it’s time to look forward and capitalize on the latest advancements in the world of marketing. Brands need to find ways to connect with their consumers, to meet their growing demands that seem to be increasing tenfold with every passing day.


As 2020 has shown us, brands are still capable of accommodating to the market demands, despite the setback of the pandemic. E-Commerce sales skyrocketed last year with most people confined to their homes, which meant more people also spent more time on the Internet, more specifically on various social media platforms. This pattern here, seems to be continuing for the time being with the effects of the pandemic still prevalent to this day.


Thus, in an attempt to prepare themselves from the ever-emerging digital marketing trends that are cropping up with the turn of the new year and not to mention the new decade, brands are investing their resources to identify these crucial trends. What follows is a few of the latest digital marketing trends that should be on the radar of brands, to remain relevant and competitive.

Firstly, a digital marketing trend that brands should pay close attention to is influencer content creation. We are living in the age of the “Internet Celebrity”, where these influencers have huge followings akin to the traditional celebrity. With their large audience amounting up to thousands and even millions, these influencers could play a key role in digital marketing moving forward. Brand deals are normal occurrences for influencers who advertise, and market products sent to them by brands to their loyal fans.

This trend is beneficial to both brands and influencers alike, as these collaborations turn in huge profits for both parties. Influencers can market these products to their audience with ease, and at a high rate. There is a constant flow of engagement between the followers and these influencers, proving the upward trajectory of profitable brand deals. Last year, TikTok emerged as the app of the year with its video-sharing platform being the playing ground for most brands. Its short video productions allow for content to be created at a more frequent rate.

With this, opportunities for more brand deals are there for the taking.  Live streams which allow for a more unfiltered interaction between influencers and their fans, where products are marketed virtually without the editing of a conventional video. Creating a more human interaction in which their fans can put their trust in. This effectiveness can be seen with the spike of livestreams on Facebook to which experts say garnered millions upon millions of viewers. Hence, brands should focus on influencer content creation as a booming digital marketing trend.

Another trend that seems to be gaining more traction is that of voice searches. An extension of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the advancement of voice-activated devices and tools are the way of the future. Many consumers are looking to ease into voice searching with it providing ease to when it comes to how they search for their intended products. Voice activated assistants are becoming more popular by the day, being used in homes and offices alike. Experts say that at least one in four homes in America own a voice activated assistant, showing its accessibility to many families.

We are sure to be familiar with the likes of Alexa, whose name is on the lips of many consumers today. It completely changes how we surf the Internet, which is why it is causing massive shifts in the current digital marketing landscape. Even on our smartphones, studies have shown that more than half the users use the voice search feature as a means to look things up on the Internet. Other popular voice searching tools include Siri, which could be considered a pioneer in voice searching as well as Cortana, which while is relatively new, is proving to be reliable and heavily used by consumers. As such, this digital marketing trend is one that brands should be exploiting to meet the demands of their consumers.

Additionally, as we reflect on the years before, we can see how inclusivity played a big role in consumers choosing to invest in a certain brand. Consumers want to see brands diversify and include marginalised groups in their marketing and promotional work too. This digital marketing trend could prove to be important in guaranteeing customer satisfaction going beyond the actual product itself.

As stated by Accenture, 41% of shoppers have shown to move away from brands that do not shed light on the importance of proper representation of various communities. Hence, this digital marketing trend should be on the minds of all brands, when marketing their products to their consumers.

Finally, the end of last year showcased the rise of audio-based applications and social media platforms such as podcasts and clubhouse. These voice-based platforms have enabled individuals of all walks of life to come together to talk, to listen and to learn from each other in real-time. For marketers, it serves as an opportunity to conduct market research and collect data and insights, and ultimately provide the customers with what they need. Moving forward, businesses should include clubhouse and podcasting in their digital marketing arsenal to move ahead of the competition.

To conclude, every one of these trends show great importance in shaping the digital marketing world of the future. If consumers are not satisfied, brands are at a loss and as such must be willing to go the extra mile for their consumers. Studying and observing these digital marketing trends as elaborated above is what could be a determining factor in the longevity of a brand. Brands must be more socially aware and vigilant as challenges await in this digital age with every turn.

Marketers, Do You Really Know Everything On SEO?

Marketers, Do You Really Know Everything On SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quality and the quantity of website traffic to a particular website from search engines like Google and Bing. As SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic, it has become a vital part for every business across the board as it acts as a tool to help increase the visibility of a website through a variety of strategies and constant adjustments to appear in search results. Back then, the World Wide Web was still a pretty new concept to most people at the time. As marketers started to understand how search engine tools like Google reads and ranks websites, they tried looking for ways to manipulate the result page.


They had managed to boost their rankings in the search engine results, without Google filtering the relevance or quality of the website. In this day and age, we can acquire almost everything at our fingertips with our smartphones or devices. We depend less on personal recommendations and more on what the Internet proposes to us. This is where search engine optimization comes in. But do you know what exactly it can do for you?


In this piece of article, we are going to describe the top 5 benefits of SEO to help you understand why it is awesome.


1. Increased Quality Traffic


When your brand is able to rank itself at top pages in search engine results, you will receive a majority of impressions and clicks which will significantly drive traffic to your website. Additionally, it will be much more effective in reaching the right target audience when your business focuses on attracting users who are actively searching for information related to the industry, products, and services. Instead of paying for advertisements and hoping that your target audience will see them, you can assure that they will be able to see your website in search engine results.


2. Improved Brand Awareness


Having your website in the top ranks on the search result pages results in more exposure for your business. Besides, those websites that are on top pages are generally perceived as trustworthy which in return can instill trust in users to select your business as their choice of option. With SEO, your website will remain to appear in the users’ search results, therefore will increase their awareness of your business. As you remain to continue being at the top of the ranking, the higher the chances you have for potential clients to come across your website and associate with your brand.


3. Built Brand Credibility and Trust


Ranking first, second, or third on search engine results may convey the idea that you are one of the top players in the industry to Internet users. It portrays that you have been widely searched and perceived as a well-known brand in the business area. More often, users trust search engines to filter results for them, eliminating spammy websites while only providing the established ones on the top ranking in search result pages. In short, people are more confident to click on the first few websites in the top rankings as they believe that the business is established and credible.


4. Better User Experience


It is vital to provide your audience with relevant information, an easy to navigate site, and a mobile-friendly web page configuration. This will subsequently result in a better user experience, as well as engagement. A positive user experience has become a fundamental component to a site’s success. The goal of that is to offer clients the data they are searching for in fewer clicks, rapidly, and without any problem. Quality SEO incorporates a positive user experience, utilizing it to work in a brand’s courtesy.


5. Cost-effective Strategy


Over the last few years, SEO has been proven as one of the most cost-effective options for digital marketing where it delivers a higher return for every money invested into it. Effective SEO can pull in thousands, even millions of targeted prospects to your business site. Its inbound nature helps businesses in targeting users who are actively looking for your products and services online. Besides, there is no need for you to pay per click or advertise your page when you are already on the top ranking. In fact, you will remain to stay above the rest of the search results as long as Internet users click your search links.


Hopefully, these compelling reasons have convinced you about the benefits and value of an integrated SEO strategy in growing your company, as well as taking your business to new heights of profitability, branding, and success. Incorporating reliable, quality SEO on a brand’s website and digital properties is going to be beneficial to your business and your marketing efforts.


As business owners, CEOs and managers, what you need to focus on is how to reach the best result by implementing the right strategy. With 80 percent of users relying on the Internet for researching a product purchase, investing in SEO is a good marketing strategy for your business. In essence, the better advanced your site is, the more profoundly it can rank in search engine results.


The Outlook of Digital Marketing in the Covid-19 Recovery Phase

The Outlook of Digital Marketing in the Covid-19 Recovery Phase

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended the projections of every business across the board, including digital marketing. As the pandemic compelled businesses to transition online to continue to promote their products and services, marketers had to shift gears and generate content that is contextual and relevant to ensure continuous growth for their customer base.

Additionally, the transition to work off-site triggered by the physical distancing measures demanded the need for virtual marketing of brands, customer engagements and the overall business operations. This, in turn, highlighted the immense importance of digital marketing in sustaining a business, so much so that it has promoted several digital marketing trends that have proven to be relevant throughout the pandemic, such as hosting virtual events and utilising social media platforms at its fullest.

The National Immunisation Programme kicked-off on 24 February, and as we are now in the Covid-19 recovery phase, what does the future hold in stores for digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Is Here To Stay For The Long-Run


Long before the Covid-19 outbreak made itself known, end-to-end digital transformation was a long-term goal for many marketers hailing from all industries in hopes of driving incremental changes to usher in a digitalised era that is in line with the Malaysia 5.0 vision. In fact, the Covid-19 pandemic helped shift the goal from aspirational to essential as businesses were demanded to implement a truly integrated, fully-digital customer experience remotely and overnight.

By adopting a digital-only mindset coupled with the ability to quickly pivot and bring innovative digital solutions, businesses were able to weather the storm and continue to ride the wave whilst keeping tabs on the latest Covid-19 developments. While the vaccination rollout has graced many marketers and business owners with a renewed sense of optimism, it does not diminish the significance of digital marketing during the recovery phase. In fact, it actually heightens the need for digital marketing to continue to stay connected with prospective and existing customers.

Marketing Attribution And ROI Will Be Priorities


Understandably, the business woes and disruptions prompted by the pandemic emphasised the need for marketers to quantify the tangible results of their marketing endeavours. In other words, are their marketing efforts bringing in money?

The vanity metrics and figures garnered from integrated, omnichannel marketing campaigns driven by digital platforms may not always be meaningful to a brand’s overall financial success. That is why as marketers and businesses continue to explore how the rapid advancement of technology and the rapid shift in the social media landscape can be used to their advantage, it is important for them to ask three vital questions about revenue and cost to measure how their marketing budgets are performing:

  1. What has the marketing campaign cost?
  2. Has the revenue increased?
  3. How can marketing efforts be attributed to growth and profitability?

As a tip, it would be wise for marketers and businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of their digital marketing strategies from a Chief Finance Officers’ point of view to achieve cash flow optimisation, profitability and supply chain efficiency. In short, the recovery phase will require them to prioritise quantifiable ROI against pandemic-induced pressures.

Advertising Budget Will Depend On Shoppers Digital Footprint


LinkedIn projected that the shift of advertising budget allocations and the pandemic-driven surge in e-commerce activities will continue throughout 2021.  As a matter of fact, eMarketer revealed that advertising on e-commerce platforms increased by 39% in 2020 and is expected to grow another 30% this year. This is heavily due to the fact that in spite of the vaccination rollout, customers will still rely on e-commerce platforms and social media to purchase goods and services. Moving forward, it is pivotal for marketers and businesses to keep a keen focus on measurability to capture more ad spend as well as optimising ROI.

The Internet Remains A Window Of Opportunity For Digital Marketing


The fact that people were confined within the four walls of their home throughout the better part of a year resulted in surges in traffic and search volume as people have been spending a lot more of their time online than before. For those who took advantage of the low cost-per-click (CPC) rates, they enjoyed a much higher ROI than prior to the coronavirus pandemic while the number of users continued to increase by the day.

Meanwhile, the increase in number of users will demand companies and influential brands to produce more content for users to consume, laced with marketing strategies that will help them stay ahead of their target audience to ensure their business stays relevant. In fact, with customers showing no signs of halting from making purchase decisions, marketers need to be on top of their game in researching for relevant keyword searches that are meaningful to consumers.

Some New Digital Marketing Practices Are Already In Motion


One of the practices that have already been implemented is identifying and prioritising revenue opportunities, which includes launching targeted campaigns to wow loyal customers; providing health- and safety-centric customer experience; adjusting pricing and promotions based on the latest data; and reallocating spending to focus on growth.

Additionally, some businesses have also refocused their digital effort to reflect the changing customer expectations, such as creating a seamless e-commerce experience and providing an online end-to-end consumer experience. As health and safety will continue to be a priority amongst consumers, marketers and businesses are expected to predict the customers’ expectations to develop a digital marketing plan.

Businesses have also utilised new social media platforms, such as Clubhouse, to conduct market research in hopes of obtaining customer insight and data, that will help grow their business, customer base and eventually, revenue.

Here’s the bottom line: digital marketing will continue to be a necessity so long as the Covid-19 pandemic is in the midst, including during the recovery period. That is why marketers need to always be two steps ahead to develop a recovery plan that will minimise losses and shorten their own recovery period.

As the trusted full-scale digital marketing agency in Malaysia, FiveDot is prepared to assist businesses of all scales and sizes from various industries to develop a comprehensive recovery plan. If you are looking to enhance your digital marketing endeavours to give your business an edge over its competitors, then speak with our consultants today.

Drop us a line at +603-2935 9158 or an email at [email protected].

An Effective SEO Will Boost Your Digital Marketing Endeavors

An Effective SEO Will Boost Your Digital Marketing Endeavors

The rapid advancement of technology coupled with the internet has given birth to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – a complex, yet intriguing digital organism that proves to be essential for businesses of all scales across the board.


But, what exactly is SEO?

Essentially, SEO is the art and science of persuading search engines like Google, MSN and Bing to suggest your content to internet users – throughout the globe – as the best solution to their problem or best answer to their question. It is the practice of increasing the quantity and the quality of traffic to your website organically (re: without costing you a single cent!).

SEO involves making changes and adjustments to your website content and its copywriting that will help make your website more appealing to search engines. The end goal? To have search engines display your website as a top result on the first page of the search engines results page.

It should be noted that the rankings and the frequency of your website appearing in the results pages is totally merit-based. So, it you are looking to have search engines suggest your website and its landing pages in the results pages, the here is what you need to do to up your digital marketing game:


1. Know What Your Audience Is Searching For

Right off the bat, it is important for you to identify what your potential customers are searching for in their preferred search engines. By identifying their potential search queries, you will be able to effectively incorporate SEO in your digital marketing strategy. Once you have identified your customers’ search queries, the next step is to create content that offers simple, clear and helpful solutions to their problems.


2. Identify Where Your Website Can Compete 

Now that you have an idea of what your potential customers are searching for, it is time to plan out the layout of your website. For a start, it is essential for you to figure out where you can currently and realistically compete against your competitors. This information will help you build a strategy to set a strong foundation that will inherently increase your authority score and grow your organic footprint. Basically, knowing how to strategically plan the layout and content of your website will help set your website for SEO success.


3. Use Keywords And Search Phrases Strategically

Keep in mind that when drafting your copywriting, the key is to strategically use a combination of words that expresses a question or concern. An easy way to strategize your copywriting is to first list your keywords such as Digital Solutions or Flawless Skin. Once you have your keywords, think of possible relatable search queries or phrases that your prospective customers may search for. Example: Best digital solutions for SME amidst the Covid-19 pandemic or How to get flawless skin using household items.


4. Make Use Of On-page SEO Keywords

You have your keywords, search queries and layout planned; it is time to look for opportunities to improve your website’s on-page SEO. One of the best ways to do so is by optimizing content and the HTML source code to clearly define your webpages as well as its content and information. What are some of the areas that will need to be optimized? Things like page titles, meta descriptions, internal links, anchor texts, URLs and the whole shebang.


5. Be Smart In Optimizing Your Title Tags

Speaking of optimizing, title tags are displayed as the title of your listing on search engine results pages and they have the power to make or break your ranking factor. Hence, you would want to incorporate unique title tags in the main target keyword for each landing page and variant keywords in between.


6. Be Precise With Your Content

To improve your search engine rankings, it is crucial for you to ensure that your content is precise. This depends heavily on how you word out your copywriting. The key is to use simple words that are easy to understand and to get the message across. Catchy and attention-grabbing copywriting will definitely stick in the minds of your potential customers. At the same time, keeping it sweet and simple will increase your SEO odds and decrease your chances for misinterpretation.


7. Focus On The Dominant Search Engine

Globally, 88% of English searches via desktop and 96% searches via mobile are on Google, which makes it the most dominant search engine in most countries. It goes without saying that if you are considering utilizing SEO to boost your digital marketing plan, then hop on Google and get to know it intimately.


8. Have A Google SEO Specialist In Your Team

Once you get the hang of it, SEO will be a breeze. However, constant research, improvements and maintenance works are essential to ensure that your SEO strategy is effective. That is why it is important to have at least one specialist to help monitor your SEO rankings, how your keywords and search queries are performing, as well as to ensure that your webpages and links are functioning.


Help Is A Call Away

We totally understand if you feel overwhelmed.

But, do not worry as FiveDot is armed with a team of SEO specialists who put in effort and commitment to continuously understand the mechanisms of SEO as how they would with their significant partners.

In fact, it is our job to understand SEO on an innovative and intimate level. So, if you need a helping hand on how to include SEO in your marketing strategies, then look no further! Get in touch with our SEO nerds today to kick-start your SEO strategy that promises to bank your digital marketing success.

Traditional Marketing? Digital Marketing? It Is A Matter Of Implementation

Traditional Marketing? Digital Marketing? It Is A Matter Of Implementation

We are used to the familiar sight of billboards all over the highways with attractive captions to pique the interests of passers-by. There are also advertisements in between shows when we are watching television with our families on certain nights. Now, with the invention of the Internet and social media platforms, a lot of people have shifted their interests and the way they spend their leisure time. This is when digital marketing comes into play. Think of it this way: how many sponsored ads or marketing do you come across when you scroll through your social media feed?

We have seen the tremendous change of traditional marketing into modern ways of marketing, or it is better known as digital marketing. It is crucial to select the best marketing strategy that is effective to increase brand awareness. Before we dig into the differences between these two, let’s get into some basic ideas that need to be comprehended clearly.


What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing involves media that do not incorporate the use of the Internet such as newspapers, billboards and televisions. They have been used as marketing methods for decades to relay messages to consumers. The oldest form of traditional marketing is printed advertising where the printed materials are distributed or displayed for people to see. Then, there is broadcast marketing which involves television and radio advertisements. Television has been one of the most reliable entertainment platforms before the existence of the Internet. Last but not least, traditional marketing includes telemarketing where it is an act of conveying sales messages to people over the phone in order to convince them about their products.


What is Digital Marketing?

When we talk about digital marketing, social media is probably the first thing that comes to mind. New trends and technology have pushed digital marketing to evolve rapidly. It is normal for a lot of people to use the Internet for hours daily. This is when digital marketing uses this advantage to weave into those channels and reach out to the target audience. Through these platforms, modern marketing has been taking customer experiences and building relationships with consumers seriously. Interacting with consumers is one of the effective ways to improve business strategies and increase sales. These marketing methods are not only used to achieve the goals of acquiring new customers and providing services to existing customers, but they also help in building customer relationships. With the Internet doubling its users over the past decade, this shift has greatly affected how people purchase products and interact with businesses.


Pros and Cons of Traditional Marketing

A lot of people would say traditional marketing is outdated and no longer relevant in our current time as compared to digital marketing. However, it is actually still effective and useful depending on your type of business and target audiences. To help you discern if this is the best option for your business, we are revealing some pros and cons of traditional marketing.

For one, traditional marketing is still by far the best method of reaching local audiences easily. Printed materials such as newspapers and flyers can help target the audience in specific areas or suburbs of where your business is located. Besides, through television and radio advertisements, businesses can reach those people who are not into modern gadgets, especially those who do not even own a smartphone.

Its biggest drawback? Traditional marketing has little to no engagement between businesses and consumers. It is more about providing information and waiting for the customers to come and purchase their products.


Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing

Many businesses have begun relying on digital marketing more and more, and it has been proven to help them successfully develop brand awareness and gain relationships with their customers. However, we might still want to discuss some areas where digital marketing strives and where it doesn’t.

Through social media platforms, it is so easy to connect with customers to ask for their feedback and opinions. This in return can help improve customer satisfaction through engagement with the business. A vast amount of audience can also be reached out regardless of their geographic location. Although, you can still personalize the content depending on some factors, so you will hit the right target audience.

The main drawback of digital marketing is when negative feedback is being publicly visible to other audiences. This can affect the business while risking it to lose its current and potential customers. A good and reliable expert who understands every nitty-gritty detail of the digital marketing world is truly needed by every company, and it can be expensive to employ such professionals.


Which One Works Best for You?

With the emerging trends of digital marketing now has to offer, there are many ways a business can use to attract the attention of their target audiences. It is vital to stay updated with the current trends and understand how the marketing world has evolved. When it comes to choosing the right marketing strategy, in-depth research and study of your business and your target audience is necessary to decide on the best option that is effective to help your business to strive.

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