Brand Kit

Brand consistency is how businesses communicate their message & story without wandering away from the core brand strategy & values. Here you can find our core brand assets – from logo, color, typography – along with other basic guidelines.



FiveDot’s logo is made up of the dots with the ‘F’ symbol with red dots and the typography. The logo consists of two main colours – red & yellow – both bright and bold. While the grey colour in the text is interchangeable with white colour to cope with the background. The typography that we’re using is Saira – which gives a bold, reliable, and professional feels.


Colour Palette

FiveDot’s brand features a range of vibrant and energetic colors, led by our primary red. Supplement with yellow and grey in our logo. Also works well with the elegant navy blue.






Just like the colours we use, we use a range of typography families and styles in different scenario. From the Saira featuring in our logo, the geometric simplified Monstserrat, and the popular Roboto Condensed.

Saira AaBbCc

Montserrat AaBbCc

Roboto Condensed AaBbCc

Who We Are?

FiveDot is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers digital presence solutions to businesses of all-sizes by our professional team. We help our customers in establishing and enhancing their digital presence, filling in their marketing plan gap, and reaching customers effectively in today’s competitive business world.

Our Vision

To be the advocate of digital strategies for business success.


Our Mission

To be the digital partner of businesses in strategizing & executing marketing strategies that achieve goals, compete & grow.

Our Core Values

Value Oriented

Value Oriented

FiveDot is value oriented and wants to always ensure that our clients directly feel the quality of our services.



All members of FiveDot function as a single unit and place great importance on helping each other out in the name of teamwork. 



FiveDot puts a lot of importance in innovative work in order to maintain a strong presence in the industry and encourages its employees to always be innovative with tasks as well.

Fun Active

Fun & Active

We at FiveDot often mix work and play because we believe in the importance of making the workplace a fun place to be in. 

Continous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

All FiveDot employees are constantly striving for continuous improvement in order to better themselves in any way possible.

Brand Story

In today’s digital business world, you need a partner who can help you take advantage of marketing opportunities across a variety of channels in real-time. You need a digital presence solution provider who can help meet your business and marketing needs. Hence, FiveDot was established by 5 industry experts & aims to help Malaysian businesses to digitalize their business with quality digital marketing services at reasonable pricing. FiveDot combines a data-driven approach with knowledge gained from years in digital marketing to deliver outstanding results to our clients.

Brand Personality


FiveDot strives to ensure that our customers can always confidently trust our services and be assured that their business needs will be meet with top quality results.


FiveDot truly believes in employing a competent and qualified group of people to work in our team in order to achieve our business goals and satisfy our customer’s needs.


FiveDot puts a lot of importance in creative work in order to stay on top of the digital marketing game and encourages its employees to always be creative with tasks as well.


All FiveDot’s services are aimed serving the long term needs of our customers and we want to make sure that each service provided is functionable and efficient.


FiveDot is always friendly and easily approachable for all customers of all ages. We always want to have a friendly relationship with all our customers.

Want to know more about FiveDot?

We’re glad that you want to find out more about our company. Drop us a message & let’s chat over the coffee!

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