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About Us

FiveDot is a digital marketing company in Malaysia. Established by 5 industry experts & aims to help Malaysian businesses to digitalize their business with quality digital marketing services at reasonable pricing.

We Know What Works

For those technical people, we started dancing around with the digital marketing & worked on SEO before Google’s Panda launched (a Google update to encourage website to improve their quality). That’s a few years after the launch of the first generation iPhone… Yes, when Steve Jobs still here to lead the smartphone technology.

These incidents marked the acceleration of Digital Marketing era. People start getting their hands on those smart devices & it became part of our life.  Businesses picked up the momentum quickly & started to invest in digital marketing to get their presence online.

When Malaysian businesses still slowly adapting to the changes, we have worked with the United States & European businesses on their digital marketing projects, especially with SEO and Social Media, which was heat during those years (it’s still a heat today).

All these years, as we worked on the different projects, platforms, and with various industry, we slowly accumulate our skills & knowledge, through many success & failure. We have been through all the hardship, but you don’t have to walk the rough journey. Work with us today & start to catapult your business success!

Digital Marketing Company in Malaysia - FiveDot

Our Startup Journey

It is the era of digital where small business & startups can leverage their playing ground in digital marketing to start their business smartly and efficiently. To make the presence online, digital marketing and its essential tools can be your best guide, and we are here to aid you through the journey. FiveDot launched as a small startup in Malaysia with the success of our client in mind. With immense experience, five industry experts come together to provide exceptional & result-driven digital marketing services to Malaysian small business & startups alike.

Digital Marketing Companies for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing Company in Malaysia

The adapting changes in the market are heating digital marketing among businesses which is why FiveDot, a local Digital Marketing Agency startup is here to help you out. The services of e-commerce management, SEO, and website design is all you need to set up the business online accurately. We make sure to use the knowledge and skills with making your business successfully online. Together, we combat the challenges & hardships in these journey of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Companies for Small Businesses
Best Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia

More Than Just Another Digital Marketing Company

We want to be more than just a digital marketing company that delivers result like a machine. Our values make us more humane. We uphold our values in every aspect of our company, from operational activities to the people, shared & expressed by our team to our customer & communities. The core values that makes FiveDot exist today is that we care for every single detail in each project. Working on each of them just like how we build our business from the ground, with hearts & souls. No shortcut or smart tricks, purely genuine approach.

The Values of FiveDot

FiveDot’s identification is through the core values which are represented in every aspect of the business. We keep the customer first,  treating them with amazing services, proposing a marketing campaign that works the best for them, & think from our customer’s perspective. With innovative ideas & digital marketing solutions infusing with the best industry practices, we help our clients to achieve their desired result with digital marketing. Continuous improvement is at the core of our service. You will always notice an improvement in the deliverable & services offers by FiveDot.

Our team of professionals believes in providing high-quality service with utmost delivery so that our client can succeed in their business. We build our success based on our client’s success! While working hard to deliver the result, we will not forget to embrace the fun & active culture in our office! We want to be one of the most enjoyable working places in Malaysia! We strive to be the best digital marketing agency in Malaysia, for small & medium businesses as well as startups, and to become a business partner that you can rely upon.

Customer First - FiveDot Core Values

Customer First

We treat our customer first, so does we treat our client’s customer first when providing the service. We analyze & think from the perspective of the client’s customer & craft digital marketing solutions that their customer will be interested in. To be a digital marketing agency that our clients can trust & relies on us not only requires expertise, skills, and knowledge to deliver the result, but also the ability to communicate effectively to our customers. And there’s where the trust begins with.

Quality - FiveDot Core Values


We seek for high quality in every aspect of the business, from the service, the deliverables, to the people, and even the materials we used in our printed resources. Quality is what we go for from the very beginning, long before the business is launched, where our founders realized the local digital agency simply puts their profit far before the quality of deliverable & service. We want to change that, and prove that quality doesn’t need to be at the expense of high cost & time, but simply a little more love to the things we do.

Professional - FiveDot Core Values


We believe in under promise over deliver, and strike for the best service quality – that’s what we call professional. Aligned with other values, we consistently improve our skills & expertise in order to offer the best solutions to the client. Transparency comes along with professional, when you’re equipped with the right expertise, that wouldn’t be anything that we would want to hide from our clients or the members of the company. We are proud to shows what we capable of & proud to share our expertise with everyone.


Innovative - FiveDot Core Values


Being in the technology industry require us to get the front seat of technological advancement in digital marketing. We are consistently learning, acquire, test, embrace, and implement new innovative solutions or technology in order to gain the best result for our clients, and for ourselves as well.

Continuous Improvement - FiveDot Core Values

Continuous Improvement

There’s never the best, only better. We keep adapting to the ever-changing digital marketing and business landscape. At the same time,  continuously acquire the skills & knowledge needed to keep us excel at what we do and what we offer. We don’t believe in being the best, all we want is to be better!

Fun & Active - FiveDot Core Values

Fun & Active

We believe that a fun & active working environment is where quality works are done & innovation is spawned. We want to makes the company a fun & active one where the members of the company consistently interact with one & another, internally & externally, creating a community of our own that shares the values with everyone.


Best Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia - FiveDot

Deliver The Results That You Want!

Don’t shoot for the moon & hope to get the star. We set specific metrics for every project & make sure that it aligns with your company’s objectives of the year. No two project is the same, we craft a unique campaign for every digital marketing project we engage with! Our experts are aware of keeping the head high for the competitors with having experience in their field of specialization. They are aware of all the trends in the world of digital marketing with advancements. The high-quality standards are maintained throughout with delivering the work on time and appropriate services which are suitable according to the niche of the business. We’re proud of all the work we have done. We deliver our digital marketing project with quality works & real result.

Best Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia - FiveDot
FiveDot - Digital Marketing Company Malaysia

Your Success Defines Us

While all digital marketing company in Malaysia offers more or less the same service & solution to business’s digital marketing needs. What makes us different than others then? We care. We cherish every digital marketing project likes it’s our owns. Giving everything we have to make sure your business thrive with our digital marketing solutions. After all, your success defines us. We’re ambitious to be the best digital marketing agency, as well as being the recognizable digital marketing companies for small businesses in Malaysia. Helping more local business to reach their customer through the digital channel. Giving them an edge in the marketing just like their corporate counter partner!

Work At FiveDot

If you uphold the similar values with FiveDot & would like to start your career in digital marketing, then you are at the right place. Check out whether you are the right fit for FiveDot by clicking on the link and join us today.

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FiveDot Sdn Bhd (1298936-X)

FiveDot is a Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia that offers a full range of digital marketing solutions, including Web Design, SEO, Google Ads, Social Media & E-Commerce Management. Enabling Malaysian businesses to digitalize their marketing and business.