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Looking for reliable digital marketing services in Malaysia? Let’s work with FiveDot – a digital marketing agency in Malaysia that uphold our values to serve clients with quality & professional work! Get in touch today for fully-managed digital marketing services in Malaysia.

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Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia

Digital Marketing Solutions for Malaysian Business

As the world moving toward the digital age, starting & operating a business can be efficient & effective. However, that also means that your competitors are doing better as well. Entrepreneurs are rushing into the digital space. Presenting their products & services in front of the consumer’s screen. However, building up a business online involves lots of work. From the development, marketing, to day-to-day operation. All these could be exhausting and draining away the entrepreneur’s time & energy. However, when you have the right digital marketing solutions, you can perform better than your competitors without burning yourself to the ground.

Our Services

Purchase is just a few clicks away from your customer’s devices. Digital marketing solutions are meant to bring you more traffic & leads, which then transformed into sales. Want to know how your business can flourish in the competitive market? Let’s check out some of the digital marketing services in Malaysia!

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Search Engine Optimization

With the ease of accessibility to internet & smart devices, you don’t want to be invisible on the internet. Get in touch on how we can help you to gain more presence on the search engine (Google) and future proof your business along with the digital advancement.

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E-Commerce Management

Business no longer depends solely on brick & mortar to sell. Today, there are hundreds of e-commerce platform available to help you reach more customer to every corner of the earth. Why not start selling on these platforms & reach to a wider audience?

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Web Design & Development

Without an established digital presence today can pose many problems to your business – customer can’t search for more information & business partners couldn’t trust you. The website seems to be the essence of this presence. Let’s build one!

SEO Digital Marketing Agency - FiveDot

Tap Into The Potential Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing gives businesses an edge to be top among their competitors. Integrating with the proper tools, it gives you the ability to track & target your prospective customer easily. Digital marketing let you follow the right target market & reaching out to them in the most significant way. Why would you limit yourself with the traditional marketing channel? Start working with FiveDot! We’re a trusted digital marketing agency in Malaysia. We help to turn a business’s marketing investment into quality leads & sales! If you aren’t sure about which digital marketing services in Malaysia is right for you, let’s talk to our digital marketing experts!

SEO Digital Marketing Agency - FiveDot
Digital Marketing Agency Service

Complete Digital Marketing Services in Malaysia

Fast track your digital marketing success with FiveDot – a full-service digital marketing agency in Malaysia. From branding services, website design & development, search engine optimization, social media, Google Ads, e-commerce store management, & more. Digital marketing is proven to yield better ROI as compared to traditional marketing. Get fast and reliable business success through cost-effective digital marketing solutions. Let’s catapult your digital marketing success with a trusted full-service digital agency in Malaysia. Don’t get yourself & your business lost in the era of digital technology. Start reaching your customer online today!

Digital Marketing Agency For Startup

Digital Marketing Agency For Startup & Small Business

FiveDot is proud to help many new local startups and small business in Malaysia to manage their digital marketing campaign. Besides our technical experts, small business’s owner loves our flexibility in service scope and reasonable charges. Our digital project team always deliver quality result without fails, we have enjoys quite some word-of-mouth referrals among small businesses & new startups. We will continue to develop our capabilities and services to better serve our client, positioning ourselves as a reliable digital marketing agency for startup & small business in Malaysia. Let’s learn more about our company!

Digital Marketing Agency For Startup
Digital Marketing Agency For Small Businesses

Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

There are no limits when you are getting into digital marketing agency service. A full-service digital marketing agency can help you to scale your business success with the accurate measurement & tracking that allow you to easily justify your ROI. With the right knowledge & skills, every business can benefit from digital marketing. Why don’t save the hassle & let the full-service digital agency handle the optimization journey & you enjoy the lucrative result for your business? Get in touch with our experts today!

Digital Marketing Service in Malaysia - FiveDot

A Reliable Digital Marketing Agency Startup

Quality is one of FiveDot’s core value. We always emphasize on the quality of deliverables. Whether it’s a simple ad copy, social media posting, or a complex e-commerce website development, it’s won’t be matter to us. We want to be a digital marketing agency for small businesses that you can rely on. FiveDot started with just 5 industry experts from various background. We realize that the market doesn’t have a very quality digital marketing service offered at a reasonable price. The large agency is too expensive to afford & freelancer can hardly be managed by business owners. Therefore, we came together to help local businesses excel in digital marketing. Our goal is to bring out the most effective digital marketing techniques for our clients along with the high-quality result-driven solutions.

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Our Latest Projects

Take a look at our past project. We don’t show them all as we have some secret agreement to keep things hidden with our clients. If you’re interested to learn more about our work, please contact us & we shall be happy to assist you with that! Talk to you soon!

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Design Agency

Commercial Website Sample

Commercial Website

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Local SEO

New To Digital Marketing?

Is alright to not knowing much about digital marketing. Part of our job is to help our client to understand more about digital marketing, and how you can leverage them to bring your business to thrive. After all, your business success is our business success. We do love this wonderful partnership relationship. Click the FAQ button below to get some quick easy-to-understand facts about digital marketing.

What is digital marketing & what does it includes?

Digital marketing is basically any marketing activities implemented on the internet. This includes marketing activities on social media, website, paid advertising, content marketing, email marketing, etc. Digital marketing is no different from traditional offline marketing (radio, TV, billboard, etc.), the goal is to connect with the business’s prospect or customer. Digital marketing gives you more ability to track the result, e.g. how many people see my ads, how many people clicked on it, how many people responded to my marketing campaign, etc. Today, businesses are implementing a holistic approach by combining both marketing channels together. The digital marketing campaign should be aligned with the traditional marketing campaign, and vice versa.

What digital marketing services do you offer?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency, which means we can offer all types of digital marketing services. We consult the business with branding and marketing solution to achieve their marketing objectives. If we were to rank our skills for digital marketing services, we would rank them this way search engine optimization, pay-per-click (paid ads), website design & development, e-commerce management, content marketing, social media marketing, PR marketing, email marketing, mobile app development…

Can I handle some digital marketing & outsource other?

Yes! We love entrepreneur who does hands-on for their marketing, whether offline or online. Only if you run your marketing, you will know what to improve, what offers that your customer loves, which target market likes your product more, etc. Sometimes, businessperson thinks that digital marketing is a set it & forget it stuff. However, it requires continuous improvement and tweaking on the little aspects of the campaign to make it successful. We try to do most of these tasks by continuously optimizing your campaign. But there are some aspects that it’s out of our control, e.g. your offering (product/service), customer service, pricing strategy, etc. We might be able to provide some recommendation based on the feedback from the customer. It’s totally up to the business owner to take the decision to implement the changes.

Can digital marketing help me increase my sales?

Digital marketing does help you increase your sales. But it’s a process of the marketing funnel. Just like traditional marketing, would set up a banner on the highway to increase your sales? It’s not that easy. When people see your billboard banner, they’re first aware of the existence of your promotion/offer. You might show them that this product/promotion can get from ABC Store. So they head to ABC store & find out the promotion (imagine there’s no internet, so no research is conducted online). They might learn about your offering through the banner your setup on the ABC Store or through salesperson that promoting the product. They will do a comparison with other products, and later decide whether to make the purchase. This whole process would be very much the same for digital marketing, just that the context would be happening on the web. A potential customer sees your ads, they click on it. If there’s interested, they might do further research to learn more about your product, and later compared with competitors. If the product fits their needs/wants and within their acceptable range of price, then they will make the purchase.

What is a digital marketing funnel?

A digital marketing funnel (or just marketing funnel) is steps that present your offering to potential customer & lead them from the state of unaware all the way to becoming your customer. The most basic funnel consists of 4 stages – Awareness, Interest, Desire, & Action, short for AIDA. When implementing a digital marketing campaign, we need to craft our campaign differently when targeting prospects at a different stage. If the prospect is totally unaware of the offering, you should be building the awareness & educating them about the benefits of your offering. If the prospects have the desire to purchase but reluctant to take action, then you can offer limited sales targeting this group of prospects. The power of digital marketing allows you to present this special limited sales to only a specific group of prospect through the past data collected. We can even craft a personalized message to these prospects & convenience them to make the purchase. All these required analyzing the customer journey to collect data & continuously tweaking the message that delivers to the prospects. From this, we will also keep learning about which message will work best on which group of prospects & when they’re most likely to make a process.

Can micro business & startup leverage on digital marketing in Malaysia?

Definitely. Micros business & startup tend to advantage the most using digital marketing. Due to the cost per acquisition compared to traditional marketing, micro business & startup tends to choose digital marketing for their main marketing channel. Setting up a store or having your product present physically required higher cost, therefore, selling online using a website, an e-commerce marketplace, social media, & paid ads have been the top choices of digital marketing in Malaysia among these businesses. If you’re confident that your product/service is appealing to your prospect, we’re confident that your business can success by implementing digital marketing in Malaysia.

Can micro business & startup leverage on digital marketing in Malaysia?

Definitely. Micros business & startup tend to advantage the most using digital marketing. Due to the cost per acquisition compared to traditional marketing, micro business & startup tends to choose digital marketing for their main marketing channel. Setting up a store or having your product present physically required higher cost, therefore, selling online using a website, an e-commerce marketplace, social media, & paid ads have been the top choices of digital marketing in Malaysia among these businesses. If you’re confident that your product/service is appealing to your prospect, we’re confident that your business can success by implementing digital marketing in Malaysia.

How do I get started?

Depending on what services you’re looking for. If you would like to have website maintenance, you can just start it right away by completing the subscription. If you want to try out SEO without commitment, then yes, you can start immediately as well by providing us with the necessary information after the subscription. However, for most of the digital marketing services, we will need to go through a consultation session to understand your needs & marketing objectives as well as the marketing budget that you have. With that, we can craft a digital marketing plan that can help you to achieve your goals effectively. We’re not a fan of the packaged solution. Every business is unique, there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone.

Why don't you have fixed package for all services?

Well, digital marketing cannot simply be packaged. Your business is definitely different from another one, whether or not you’re in the same industry. One fixed plan often doesn’t help the business to achieve their specified objectives. Well, all of our marketing objectives is to increase the company bottom line. But the steps to achieve that can be very different. For a new business, you will want to have a website, social media & other digital assets ready & accessible to your potential customer. These digital assets then will be used for marketing purposes, such as running ads on Facebook & Instagram or using Google Ads to lead people back to your website when you’re having a special promotion. We love to have all our services to have a fixed package. It would make thing so easy. But, just bear in mind, running a business and implementing marketing strategy is no easy task at all!

How long does it take to see results?

Ads campaign usually deliver a fast result. Google Ads, Facebook / Instagram Ads & others, often deliver result once you start the campaign. These ads are on a pay-per-click basis, where you pay every time a prospect click on the ads. Bear in mind that clicking on the ads doesn’t mean they take action. If someone clicks on the ads & led to a page, they might read through the page & didn’t perform any desired actions, such as filling up the form, call, or make a purchase. On the other hand, SEO, content marketing & email marketing would take a longer time to reap the result. These 3 marketing strategies are part of a longer customer journey. It will take some time to rank your website on Google & other search engines. When someone clicks on your website (because you rank on the 1st page), they will start researching for the information they need (reading the content on your website). If they’re interested but no desire to make a purchase at the moment, they might subscribe to your email newsletter. Then you will send them helpful content as part of your content marketing through email, as well as sending limited sales & other promotion. The entire process can take a longer period, but the result is overwhelming. In general, the cost of acquisition for these marketing strategies is much lower than paid ads.

What kind of business needs digital marketing?

To be honest, we couldn’t think of any business that cannot benefits from digital marketing. We came across a hawker center stall that brand themselves so well with social media pages & partnering with food delivery company. This has made them stand out of the crowd among other stalls through successful branding, gaining word-of-mouth on social media & acquiring an additional source of income through food delivery. Sometimes, we were shocked by some industry that taking the lead into digital marketing. And we think you will be surprised when you see a store selling Chinese religious products runs Ads on Facebook. Digital marketing has been adopted in all industry. Those first movers in the traditional industry that reluctant to adopt tend to benefits the most. While for industries that adapted fully on digital marketing, businesses have to take the move if they don’t want to get behind of their competitors.

Can your service be used for personal branding?

Yes. Our service can be used on personal branding. The limitation that we have is not having specialized skills in fashion & personal branding consultation. However, if you have the professional personnel for fashion, personal branding & other related professions ready, we can surely help to brand your name out through digital marketing channels.

Should I implement digital marketing in-house or outsource?

It depends. If you do have the resources to build a team, then having an in-house digital marketing team gives you better control over the resources & campaign. Your employee could be the one that truly understands your product & customer, so having them to run your marketing campaign seems to be great. However, most of the company prefer to have their digital marketing outsource mainly due to the lack of technical expertise & skill among in-house digital marketing team. Even if you have a full understanding of your offering & target market, you still need to be equipped with the correct skills to run the campaign. Corporate that have the resources will have their in-house team to plan & strategize their digital marketing & outsourcing the implementation to digital marketing agencies.

Is there a minimum starting budget?

Depending on which digital marketing service you engage. Straightforward services like website maintenance start from RM99, while other crafted campaigns often start from several thousand annually for a small local business like a cafe, pop-up store, & local mom & pop store. The budget is tied to the objective of your campaign. If your goal is to compete with Nestle & Wonda Coffee for a new ready-to-drink coffee, then you can expect several million to run the campaign. If you want people from your local town to aware of your store & the promotion that you’re running, then you can start with an RM1,000 for social media ads.

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